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Cloud Hosted Datasets

Whose Cloud? supports any cloud storage that has configurable CORS policy.

You can use your own cloud storage or upload data to's cloud storage.

Our cloud storage comes with HIPAA compliance.

Self Hosted Cloud Datasets

Data scientists can use self-hosted datasets as shown in CSV file. Prepare a CSV file with a list of URLs as shown below:

  1. login to your account.
  2. Select "Data" tab.
  3. Select "Add New Dataset".
  4. Enter name for new Dataset
  5. Select "Remote"
  6. Upload a csv file that arranges URLs like this
  7. Select "Submit"
  8. Inspect new dataset" Hosted Cloud Dataset

Alternatively, you can upload individual files and Folders to's Cloud.'s cloud hosting is HIPAA compliant.

  1. Add new dataset
  2. Select "Remote"
  3. Enter a name for the dataset
  4. Click "Upload Files"
  5. Select "Upload Files" and select individual files
  6. Select "Upload Folder" and select individual folder
  7. Inspect individual files
  8. Select "Submit" Individual image files will be uploaded to's cloud storage. (Folder structure will be preserved exactly as that of selected folder)

How do I access and manage Cloud-hosted datasets in application?