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Segmentation with Brush & Eraser

Segmentation tool works for JPEG, PNG and DICOM images

How to use Segmentation Tool

Configure Segmentation Tool

  • Paint mode will turn mouse-pointer into a painting tool.
  • Erase mode will turn mouse-pointer into an eraser.

  • Segmentation mode will enable Superpixel segmentation. Each superpixel can be filled (or erased) with a single click.

  • Brush mode will turn mouse-pointer into a brush (or eraser)

Brush Settings:

  1. Shape of brush can be round or square.
  2. Radius of brush tool can be configured.

Segmentation Config Controls


  1. Mouse Click -- add (or erase) a region to annotation.
  2. Mouse Drag right -- add (or erase) segments traced by mouse drag in current annotation.

Accuracy of Segmentation Tool