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Freehand with Sculpter

Freehand Draw tool can be used with mouse to draw accurate freehand contour.

Add Freehand Annotation

  • Click and drag mouse to start drawing.
  • Drag the mouse to draw the shape.
  • End the shape by releasing mouse.

Edit using Sculpter: Region-Of-Interest

  • Select "Enable Sculpter" to begin editing.
  • The closer to the contour the mouse is, the smaller the tool will be.
  • The tool can push from either the inside or the outside.
  • With the mouse held down, drag the tool to push the Region-of-Interest.
  • New points will be created and deleted as needed.
  • Release the mouse to complete the edit.
  • You may find you wish to make rough edits with a large tool, before making fine adjustments with a finer tool.

Freehand Annotation